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What are the key points when applying for a Singapore PR?

SICA a trusted Singapore PR application agency, is here to guide you comprehensively throughout the PR application process. Our services encompass document compilation, expert advice on additional documentation requirements, and the creation of a professionally crafted cover letter for your PR application. By leveraging our expertise, you can significantly enhance the likelihood of having your PR application approved successfully.

Navigating the Singapore PR application process and its associated steps can be overwhelming when undertaken independently. This intricate process involves numerous administrative procedures, and even minor errors could lead to the denial of PR status or necessitate a reapplication, which entails repeating the entire Singapore permanent residency process. This is precisely where a specialized entity like SICA proves invaluable in helping you secure Singapore citizenship or effectively complete and submit your PR application, greatly increasing your chances of obtaining PR status in the end.

Our highly trained technical personnel possess in-depth familiarity with the Singapore permanent residence (PR) application form, the corresponding platform, and the requisite supporting documentation. Collaborating with seasoned experts throughout your permanent residency application journey provides genuine peace of mind.

SICA has successfully assisted numerous individuals in attaining their current Singapore permanent resident status through the PR application process. Reach out to us today to discover how our expertise can be harnessed to facilitate your PR application online.

Who is Eligible for PR in Singapore?

Eligibility for Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore depends on various factors and schemes. Here are some common eligibility categories:

Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS Scheme):

  • Individuals with recognized professional qualifications, relevant work experience, and a job offer in Singapore may be eligible.
  • Factors considered include qualifications, job relevance, and the potential to contribute to Singapore’s economy.

Spouse/Family Scheme

  • Spouses and children (below 21 years old) of Singapore Citizens or PRs are eligible.
  • Parents of Singapore Citizens or PRs may also apply under this scheme, but there are financial and healthcare requirements.

Investor Scheme

  • Investors who are willing to make substantial financial investments in Singapore may be eligible. This typically involves significant capital investments or contributing to Singapore’s economic development.

Global Investor Program (GIP)

  • High-net-worth individuals who wish to invest in Singapore may apply under the GIP. Investment options include starting or expanding a business, investing in a GIP fund, or an approved philanthropic donation.

Schemes for Foreign Artistic Talent, Scientists, and Researchers

  • Singapore offers specific schemes for foreign talent in artistic fields, scientists, and researchers. Eligibility is determined based on qualifications and contributions to these fields.

Foreign Students Studying in Singapore

  • Graduates from local institutions may apply under the Foreign Student Scheme if they meet certain criteria, such as working in a Singaporean company for a specified duration.

Aged Parents Scheme

  • PRs who are sponsoring their aged parents (aged 60 and above) for long-term stay in Singapore may be eligible under this scheme.

Schemes for Employment Pass and S Pass Holders

  • Employment Pass and S Pass holders working in Singapore may qualify for PR through employer-sponsored schemes, depending on their qualifications and employment history.

It’s essential to note that eligibility criteria can change over time, and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) periodically updates these criteria. Applicants should always refer to the official websites of ICA and MOM for the most up-to-date information and specific requirements related to each PR scheme.

Meeting the eligibility criteria is the first step, but it does not guarantee approval. PR applications are subject to review, and factors such as the applicant’s background, employment history, and contributions to Singapore are taken into account during the evaluation process.

Is it easy to become a Singapore permanent resident (PR)?

Becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) is a goal for many individuals seeking long-term stability and opportunities in this thriving city-state. However, the process of obtaining PR status can be complex and competitive. In this article, we will explore the factors that influence the ease or difficulty of becoming a Singapore PR.

  1. Employment Pass and S Pass Holders:

    • For foreign professionals and skilled workers holding Employment Passes or S Passes, the path to PR may be more accessible. These passes are typically granted to individuals who contribute to Singapore’s workforce and economy, making them strong candidates for PR status.

  2. Financial Stability:

    • Demonstrating financial stability is a key consideration. The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) assesses your ability to support yourself and your family without relying on government assistance. Adequate income and financial planning are essential.

  3. Contributions to Singapore:

    • Individuals who have made significant contributions to Singapore, whether through their work, investments, or involvement in the local community, stand a better chance of obtaining PR status. Your contributions are a reflection of your commitment to Singapore’s development.

  4. Permanent Resident Schemes:

    • Singapore offers various PR schemes tailored to different profiles. For example, the Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers Scheme, the Investor Scheme, and the Global Investor Program (GIP) cater to different categories of applicants. Depending on your qualifications and background, some schemes may be more suitable and accessible than others.

  5. Family Ties:

    • If you have immediate family members who are Singaporean citizens or PRs, they may sponsor your PR application. Family ties can positively impact your eligibility.

  6. Global Economic Conditions:

    • Economic conditions and government policies can influence the ease of obtaining PR in Singapore. During economic downturns or when there’s a need to prioritize local employment, the government may adjust PR policies and quotas, affecting the ease of application.

Gold Package

From S$2,000 / Single Applicant

From S$300 / Additional Applicant / Dependent

Platinum Package

From S$2,500 / Single Applicant

From S$300 / Additional Applicant / Dependent

Gold Package

From S$2,000 / Single Applicant

From S$300 / Additional Applicant / Dependent

The above fees quoted have yet to include GST (8%) as well as ICA’s application fee of S$100 per applicant and other additional expenses such as translation or notarization service (if required).

Platinum Package

From S$2,500 / Single Applicant

From S$300 / Additional Applicant / Dependent

The above fees quoted have yet to include GST (8%) as well as ICA’s application fee of S$100 per applicant and other additional expenses such as translation or notarization service (if required).

Singapore PR Application (FAQ)

Embark on your Singapore immigration journey with confidence. Choose us as your reliable partner, and let’s make your dreams a reality.

Why Should We Choose To Use SICA?

We keep things straightforward and simple. 

Think of us as your personal, professional trainer, ensuring you get yourself in tip-top shape for competition and looking your best! Doing the correct exercises and not wasting energy on useless fads. Eating right, resting well and being in the right frame of mind. 

When you’re applying for life changing decision, you don’t want to leave things to chance. You’d want to give it your best shot! You wouldn’t put in an incorrect, unreviewed and awful application to an Ivy League university after getting your straight “A”s would you?

Let us put you in the best light possible.

What Are My Chances? Firms Are Promising A 90% Chance Of Approval!

Every profile is unique and requires individualized attention to polish up where it is deficient. There is no 100% guarantee of success.

We review your profile rigorously against our proprietary 5V3P Singapore framework to help plug the gaps on where it might not be most ideal.

We believe in conducting business honestly and not resorting to shady and inflated promises to close sales. 90-99% guarantee (from who?) When the rejection bites, they’d just say you were the super unlucky 1-10%.

Firms Are Saying They Have Ex-ICA Officers And Speak To Ministers Regularly

We know of industry partners who say they have ex-ICA officers as staff or even random screenshot/emails on citizen volunteer programmes insinuating an inside track. While this is tempting, this should immediately be a red flag. Singapore prides itself on honesty, integrity and meritocracy as part of our core values. We sincerely doubt these claims.

What Does Your Service Cost?

We have a fixed and transparent pricing structure with no hidden cost. Any additional costs will be clearly listed, explained and agreed before proceeding. We accept different payment methods and structures to facilitate our client’s needs.

What Payment Methods Can You Accept?

We accept all major methods of payment – Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Electronic bank transfers (etc; Paynow), and Mobile Payments.

I Hold A Work Permit, Can I Apply For PR?

To be eligible for a PR application, you must fall under one of the following categories:

  • S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, and Entrepreneur Pass holders. (For Professionals, Skilled worker & Technical personal)
  • Spouse of a Singapore Citizen or PR
  • Child of a citizen or PR, unmarried and under 21
  • Parents of a Singapore citizen
  • Student Pass holders with at least two years in Singapore. They must also have passed at least one national exam (i.e., PSLE or GCE ‘N’/’O’/’A’ levels) or be in the Integrated Program

If you hold a work permit, you would be ineligible. However, if you are married to a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident, we can assist you via the Sponsored scheme.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees Of Success?

We believe in ensuring you get your best polished, professional profile across. If you work with us, what we can guarantee is a 3P (Proper, Profiled & Professional) submission. The ultimate decision and discretion to award PR and Citizenship lies with the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

How Long Does The Who Process Take?

The typical profile enhancement to submission takes around 3-6 months but can vary according to readiness.

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